Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas Count Down Mistake Revealed

Thankyou to all that commented regarding my mistake.

Well after reading all comments I must say that one of
you lovely ladies (Nikki) brought to my attention that I
didn't actually make one mistakes but two. yes thats right
TWO mistakes. No-one actually got the one I started this
competition on but you all went in the draw for the prize.

Drum roll........................................

The mistake you were looking for was, I actually put the same
card in for two different days. The other mistake brought
to my attention was I forgot to change the day, so I left out
Day 10 and had two day 11's.

Hope you all had abit of fun checking out my posts and
trying to find the mistake, I had fun watching all the


Congratulations to Ann, my lovely mother-in-law
picked your name out of the hat.
Well done Ann, I will be in touch with your prize
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and
a safe New Year.

Happy Stampin

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