Saturday, September 28, 2013

Destination: Bali

Here is another catch up layout again this is my daughter.  Her very first overseas trip.  Destination - Bali.

Zoe was only 2 years old when we decided to have a family holiday and went to Bali.  So yes definitely catching up with layouts as she is now 14 years old.  Oh well better late than never, I say.

We had a wonderful time, only down fall was Zoe ended up with a cold, which meant no water for her, so her ears could heal for the trip home.  Yes we did visit a hospital while we were there for some antibiotics.   

 This was taken beside the pool, which I had to keep her out off.  She is trying to put a frangapini in her hair.
Oh the memories of not only the photo but her age.

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My First Bike

Yes I have been busy.  I have been doing some more catch up of my layouts of my children.  This one is of my Daughter and her first bike.

I have done some fuzzy cutting for this layout.  Yuk I here you say, yes some of us don't like fuzzy cutting but I do.

Here is the layout.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Mystery

Oh dear what could it be?

The mind boggles.

Think you know what this is, leave a comment below.  Maybe just maybe I will draw a random comment for a prize..
 Any one can have ago.

Have you worked it out yet.  Don't forget to leave your suggestion in the comments.

Oh I do love a Mystery... hehehe

Have fun guessing


A card

This post is for a quick card I made.  The inspiration for this card came from a layout I have done recently.  Will post the layout soon.

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I have been crafting

Well ladies thought it was time to pop in and do some posts.  Although my blog has been quiet, I haven't as I have still been crafting.

I have managed to get some personal layouts done, as well as prepared for 3 classes that I have coming up.

So for my first reveal, I did 2 layouts the same as I wanted one for my Eldest Son and one for my Youngest Son.

 This is of my Son Travis

 This one is of Bryden.

Its abit hard to see but the circle pieces have words or sayings that relate to both of my sons.

The next one is of Bryden again,t his is another time that he is either pulling things apart or putting things together.  The little handyman is my boy.

This was a very quick layout and really fun, as the colours are just so vibrant.
"Can We Fix It" oh yes I think he can.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Shed

Well I have finally got a chance to upload another project that I managed to do.  I did this one for Fathers Day.

As you may be aware Our Shed is a common room in our house and thought it needed some crafty pieces as well.

This is an altered canvas.

 This is the finished project.
 A close up of the rusty screws.
 A close up of the bottles.

Had a lot of fun and a very messy desk while doing this but I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

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