Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stamp Club Meeting

Kerry, Jacqui, Kerry, Kerry and Carol (Ann Absent)

What a great group of ladies I have that have joined up for my Stamp Club. We had our very first meet on Wednesday Night and although they were all abit nervous about making the card from scratch they all did a great job. Each month we meet at someone's house and make one card. These cards are a little more harder than the average workshop card and I don't do all the prep for them, they have to make it from scratch. It is a great way to show them all how to measure, cut and then put it all together with the end result winning some ooh and aah's.
Thanks Ladies for a wonderful night and look forward to next month.

A picture of all the cards the Ladies made. This one was the Stair Step Style. As you can see they all had a different
colour scheme, the reason is so they can see that even
though they made the same style card it does have it's
own separate look.

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