Monday, October 24, 2011

Album Class - WOW

I decided to make a paper Bag Album to do for my lovely ladies, as they all love doing albums. They wanted a sepia look, so off to my catty I went and choose my colours and embellishments that I wanted to use. Waited for my order to arrive and set about putting the album together.
I did this in stages as I did have my other life that needed attention as well, so I would say over about 3 days I managed to finish my album.
(no not all my time was used in these 3 days probably about 3 1/2 hours)
Now with a date set and a list of eight names I set about getting organized for the class. Boy oh boy did I regret saying that I would cut everything out for them. I must of been insane...hehe Well I am going to tell you because it was quite a feat it took me 1 hour per album. Yep you read right 1 hour, now you times that by 8 and I am sure you can come up with an answer.
Anyway it was well worth all my time and I was so pleased with the comments from my lovely ladies. They were all thrilled with the finished project. I must say they all did a great job and again yes it was very tiring and sitting down for so long was very hard on the back.

So guess what Ladies I am now in the process of organizing another one.

Here are some pictures of the class

First is before everyone arrived.

Here are all the lovely Ladies

Left to right
Vera, Anne, Zoe and Kerry
now if you have a looksie at Kerry's hand, its bandaged up
Although it was very hard for Kerry to do this album due to
her hand, that was not going to stop her, she enlisted in the
help of my daughter Zoe.
What a ball Zoe had, she loved it.

right to left
Kerry, Josie, Ann and Kylie

left to right
Carol, Vera, Ann, Zoe and Kerry

Yes Ladies I say WOW, what a class, I never imagined it would be so big.

I will be back with some photos of the album later.

Thank you all for coming and I am so pleased that you all had a good time.
Until next time
Happy Stamping

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