Friday, July 12, 2013

2 quick layouts

Thought it was time for another post.  With the school holidays here it has been abit hard to sit down and do some projects, but managed to get a whole day free yesterday, just me myself and I.  So I sat down and got some projects done.  I made two layouts for a challenge and 2 quick layouts of my youngest son.  Even managed to do a copy cat paper clip that is in the new catalogue.

So here are the layouts of my son. If you need a really quick layout, don't go past the kits that you can buy.

Like how these came together and in like only half an hour instead of the many hours I usually take.

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  1. I like these espec what u have done with the little photos of the helmet and nassaeu panel
    Kylie xx

    1. Good pick up Kylie, with the
      little pictures, thanks for commenting


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