Monday, September 23, 2013

I have been crafting

Well ladies thought it was time to pop in and do some posts.  Although my blog has been quiet, I haven't as I have still been crafting.

I have managed to get some personal layouts done, as well as prepared for 3 classes that I have coming up.

So for my first reveal, I did 2 layouts the same as I wanted one for my Eldest Son and one for my Youngest Son.

 This is of my Son Travis

 This one is of Bryden.

Its abit hard to see but the circle pieces have words or sayings that relate to both of my sons.

The next one is of Bryden again,t his is another time that he is either pulling things apart or putting things together.  The little handyman is my boy.

This was a very quick layout and really fun, as the colours are just so vibrant.
"Can We Fix It" oh yes I think he can.

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