Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas cards

Well Christmas has come and gone and we all had a lovely day. It was abit sad this year due to the fact that my Mum and Dad couldn't attend any celebrations due to Mum being very sick. First year ever and it was very sad, it just wasn't the same without them. Anyway our day didn't start too early around 7am. Kids all got their gifts and then we headed off to Perth for Breakfast with my Brother and his family. Once we had eaten and sat around for a while talking we played Chris Cringle, where everyone had to buy a gift and then as names where called we chose a gift, object of the game is to be called last because you get to see all gifts but one, so you can pinch one off someone else if you wished. A fun and very exciting game. We then headed home in the very hot weather and unfortunately the traffic was very slow, everyone seemed to be heading home from Perth. Then we all sat around and made up some of the pressies the kids got, (eg Lego etc) had abit of a swim and then had a light tea. Mother in law and my Sister also stayed with us. But hey all in all a rather relaxing day. Thought I would just pop in with a post to today to show you some of my cards that my lovely ladies made for me.

This one is from the Lovely Ann. Thank you very much..

This card is from my downline, Simone, hope you had a great day.

This is from the very talented Barbara.
This is one from the lovely Elizabeth.

Thanks Ladies for the wonderful cards.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all
had a Wonderful Christmas

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