Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Stamping Space

Well Ladies thought I would show you where I do all my work. As you can see I have everything at hand and a big desk to make lots of mess. This is where my classes are also held, except I do clean up. hehe
I have all my bits and bots in filing cabinets, all my stamp sets are together on my wall unit. The A4 cardstock are in the drawers in their colour groups for easy reach. My punches are on the board I made from wood and towel rails. All the 12" x 12" papers on are the wire rack and of course my computer is right there as well.
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  1. Great pics, Karen - love the big tables for classes. I use the same storage for my punches, it's great!

  2. Great crafting space Karen. I love seeing how others store their crafty bits and pieces, a fabulous source of info and inspiration!

    Thanks for your comment over on my blog - I found the Play Date challenge site via your blog, so thanks heaps :o) I hope to be a regular participant.


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