Monday, August 12, 2013

5 sheets of 12" x 12" Paper

As the title says.  

I decided to choose 5 sheets of paper.  3 Designer and 2 plain colours to see what I could do with them.

After choosing my colours, I then decided to choose the photos to go on them, usually I do a layout before I choose the photo.  Now with all that sitting on my craft desk, what do I do now?  Hehe

I think I ended up going with a Theme, but didn't actually set out for that to happen.  As you will see by the layouts below.  So cut here, rip there, embellishment here, paint there, move this there, no over there, or maybe add this, take that piece away.  Well you get the gist off it. 

I always do my layouts first before sticking or painting.  Once happy with the design, usually leave for an hour or two. Go and do something else come back change this, move that, until it hits me.  Yep that is what I want.  Then I do the painting and sticking.

The 3 layouts I have to show you today.  I managed to do one for each of my 3 kids albums.  

Just thought I would share my husband's quote.
"What are doing with all these, are you doing an album for the kids when they leave or something"
 Gotta love thatI just looked at him and said, seriously how long have I been doing crafts and you only just ask this now!

Yes Dear I have 2 albums so far for each of them, School Days and Everyday Life.
Reply:  Thats nice and off he goes!

Anyway hope that gave you all a laugh like it did me.

Here are the layouts

Above is the layout for my eldest Son (Travis).  A day out in the country when the kids where only little.

This one is for my daughter (Zoe).  Another day out in the four wheel drive, ending up where ever we end up for a sausage sizzle lunch.  Good Job Zoe cooking us lunch.
This one is Bryden's.  Another day out four wheelin.  Don't you just love those drives where you never know where you are going to end up.

So as you can probably see, my Theme ended up being abit country, outdoors, but I am happy with all three layouts.

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  1. These look great U really did have a productive day xx

  2. These are fantastic Karen and loved the story about your husband so funny!


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